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Electrical Safety Testing

Minimise electrical fault risk.

At Kingswell Electrical, we prioritize safety with affordable Safety Tag & RCD testing to ensure your at home electrical fault risk is an the absolute minimum.

RCD & Safety Tag Testing

Can You Test and Tag Your Own Equipment?

When it comes to electrical safety and compliance, the question of whether you can test and tag your own equipment is common, especially among businesses and individuals looking to ensure their electrical systems are up to code.

Understanding Test and Tag

Testing and tagging is a process where electrical appliances are inspected and tested for safety in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760. This process involves visually inspecting the equipment, electrically testing it with a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT), and then tagging it to indicate it has been checked. This is essential for workplace safety and compliance, reducing the risk of electrical hazards.

DIY Test and Tag: Is It Possible?

Technically yes, but if you're considering DIY test and tag, it's important to assess your competency and qualifications. If you have formal training in electrical work and access to the appropriate testing equipment, you may be able to perform this task on your own equipment but there's far less risk in simply calling us for a free quote.

The Legal Perspective

Under Australian law, testing and tagging must be carried out by a competent person. The definition of a "competent person" varies slightly between states and territories, but it generally refers to someone who has acquired through training, qualification, or experience the knowledge and skills to carry out the task. For most businesses and workplaces, this means hiring a certified electrician who specializes in test and tag services.

Why Choose Kingswell for Your Test and Tag Needs?

Expertise, convenience and quality. We are certified experts in electrical safety and compliance and will manage the entire process from inspection, testing, tagging and documenting. Ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.